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Ирландский рыже-белый сеттер

Ancestor of the Irish Red Setter, the Red and White is an ancient breed. Because breeders favoured the Irish Red Setter, the Red and White was on the brink of extinction for many years. Having steadily picked up in numbers and reputation, the original Setter is now a breed in its own right, completely separate from the red variant.

Character and Temperament

These dogs are loyal friends and family members and, when trained patiently and considerately, can make your relationship a very rewarding one. As they are gundogs, they like to take their sweet time in learning the ropes, but they are highly intelligent, and eventually become proficient hunters. Agile by nature and obedient by training, these dogs can be taken anywhere, from hunting trips to weekend shopping sprees.
Athletic but not overly racy, and extremely intelligent, they will serve you wisely as guardians and personal trainers. They are good-natured and affectionate, especially toward vulnerable family members, such as children or the elderly, and will not...

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