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Firma Dögel GmbH

Geltestraße 9

06184 Kabelsketal OT Dölbau

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working-dog service team


Telefon: +49-34602-9991-85
Как работает working-dog Livestream
Ваш опыт в дог-спорте более захватывающий, чем когда либо с live results.
Всегда актуальная информация с list of participants.
Наши трансляции могут быть воспроизведены по всему миру на ПК и мобильный устройствах в HD and SD-Quality.
Обменивайтесь своими мыслями с другими поклонниками дог-спорта в chat.
Вы никогда не пропустите действия с последней time plans!
Livestream на всех Ваших девайсах
Our livestreams can be played worldwide on PC's and mobile devices in HD and SD-Quality. This way, the users can enjoy the broadcasted event always and everywhere. A powerful server infrastructure in a highly available cloud environment works in the background, which can be modified individually to fit the current needs of the livestream. This makes it possible to serve for thousands of clients at the same time. This professional software solution provides the industry standard in video streaming for many years and brings an enormous felxibility due to its feature-richness. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Because of our redundant transmission technology, we can easily stream to any location via satellite link, LTE and HSDPA uplinks, as well as conventional DSL lines.